Gwaii Haanas Speaker Series - Vancouver Aquarium

Parks Canada has partnered with The Vancouver Aquarium to offer a unique speaker series to present the stories of Gwaii Haanas. Each engaging event allows audience members to explore a different aspect of the region and understand the need for its protection. Come and learn about some of the issues that affect the areas that Bluewater operates in - and you can be sure to spot some of our staff in the audience!

Session 1: Exploring the islands
Monday September 14
A virtual tour of Gwaii Haanas with stunning visual footage and presentations by the people who live, breathe and respect this extraordinary B.C. region.

Session 2: Icons of the Pacific
Monday October 26
It's no fluke that whales are here. Join us in exploring the marine life within Gwaii Haanas and why protecting this area benefits us all.

Session 3: Changing Seascapes
Monday November 16
Learn about ancient Haida villages, changing sea levels and how historical trade practices have all played a role in shaping today's Gwaii Haanas.

Session 4: Healthy oceans, healthy people
Monday December 7 Whether it's dining out or reporting a whale sighting, your actions can make a difference to our oceans. Join us for this special conclusion to find out what you can do to help.

Please enter at the Aquaquest Administrative Entrance.

To confirm your seat, email: or call 604-659-3432. Please identify which session you would like to attend.


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