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Humboldt Squid in BC?

Bluewater Naturalists including Lindsay Janes, Krista Bogen and Tim Irvin have been surprised to see Giant Flying Squid or Humboldt Squid in the waters of the Great Bear Rainforest this summer. They can weigh up to 20 kilograms and reach 1.5 meters in length. Scientists think they may have made their way north in the warmer waters, or they are just moving north comfortably now.
With another sighting in Alaska this month, scientists are not sure whether the presence is short term, or long term and what the effects on eco-systems might be.
For a recent online article on cbc click here

Bubble-Net Feeding in the Great Bear Rainforest!

A few guests onboard the Island Odyssey this week were lucky enough to see a group of Humpback Whales bubble-net feeding! This is very rare to see in the area, as we usually talk about this in Alaskan waters. Captain Randy Burke called into the office to chat about the experience.

BC is Stained by the Blood of the Great Bear - The Trophy Hunt Begins Today...

September 10th (today) marks the beginning of the fall bear hunt trophy season. To everyone at Bluewater Adventures, and many other BC organizations, tour operators, environmental groups...this marks a very disturbing time. Surveys in the area are already showing an extreme lack of bears in the area because of the reduced number of salmon. For more on the bear hunt and other conservation efforts in the Great Bear Rainforest, please visit

Bluewater Captain Neil Shearar is also launching a new Campaign this week to urge the provincial government to take action on this issue. Join his Facebook group today "BC is Stained by the Blood of the Great Bear" and talk about your experiences in the area, your thoughts on the hunt, and make your own t-shirt to support the cause. Bluewater staff are taking action against the hunt...will you? Purchase your stop the hunt bracelets onboard our vessels in support of the movement. Check out an article printed yesterd…

Favourite Places on the Coast

Everyone has their favourite place on the coast, or in my case a few places. Recently I was onboard the Island Odyssey traveling in Southeast Alaska when I discovered another place to add to my list. We stopped at the Baranof Island Hot about unreal. Walking up the wooden boardwalk into the forest and then coming across these amazing hot springs, overlooking the rushing waterfall was incredible. There were 2 large hot pools and 3 smaller cold ones - which you needed to go in after awhile! There was also a free bath house with 3 private rooms overlooking the bay. A great way to spend the evening. A very surreal place...

Photo: Leanne Carey