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Journey of Moments

Each season, our guestbooks on board the boats fill with accounts guests have left behind of beautiful words conjured by wild places. This is one of them.  'Journey of Moments'
A"trip" is not just something you "take"
It gives you something in return.
It is a journey of moments.
Those moments:
Create memories
Create awareness
Create understanding and learning of the world we live in.

That in turn can change your perception:
Of learning who you are,
And who you are not.
It pushes you to new limits of what you believe you are capable of.
Of how you perceive the world.
Of seeing things or people you encounter in a new way.

It makes you aware of what is important.
What is REALLY important.
How do you live it?
What do you see in your future? And the future of the environment around you?
What can you do to change the world to make a positive impact with the time 
That is given to you.

So travel.
Open your eyes,
Open your mind,
Open your heart,
Open your soul,
And make your journe…