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Spirit Bear sightings this morning from the Island Roamer!

Captain Ian Giles phoned in this morning with news of Spirit Bear sightings from the Great Bear Rainforest. Just north of Princess Royal Island the bears have been wandering the shores already this season. We hope all of our September Bluewater trips have the same luck! Photo: Patrick McCloskey

Khutzeymateen Valley June 23-29, 2010

ROLL OUT THE GREEN CARPET...these bears are coming to the KHUTZE!
Photo: Leanne Carey

Join our first ever expedition into the Khutzeymateen...Valley of the Bears. Aboard the Island Odyssey we will start and finish in Prince Rupert, BC. $ 3675 CDN + taxes

Click here to see our full 2010 schedule and download the itinerary for this trip

TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Did you know more than 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles die each year as a result of marine debris?- international coastal cleanup report, 2006

Be a Part of the Solution! - Register by Sept 4th!
Join a clean up crew, or become a crew leader
September 19-27, 2009
Approximately 80% of the litter found along shorelines and in waterways originates from land and land-based activities.

Gwaii Haanas Speaker Series - Vancouver Aquarium

Parks Canada has partnered with The Vancouver Aquarium to offer a unique speaker series to present the stories of Gwaii Haanas. Each engaging event allows audience members to explore a different aspect of the region and understand the need for its protection. Come and learn about some of the issues that affect the areas that Bluewater operates in - and you can be sure to spot some of our staff in the audience!

Session 1: Exploring the islands
Monday September 14
A virtual tour of Gwaii Haanas with stunning visual footage and presentations by the people who live, breathe and respect this extraordinary B.C. region.

Session 2: Icons of the Pacific
Monday October 26
It's no fluke that whales are here. Join us in exploring the marine life within Gwaii Haanas and why protecting this area benefits us all.

Session 3: Changing Seascapes
Monday November 16
Learn about ancient Haida villages, changing sea levels and how historical trade practices have all played a role in shaping today's Gwaii Ha…

Haida Gwaii 2010 - Into Ethnobotany?

Come aboard with Island Roamer with Nancy Turner, ethnobotanist and author of 'Plants of Haida Gwaii' and her good friend, Haida Matriarch Barb Wilson in Gwaii Haanas. Explore the native use of plants and the roll these plants play in Haida culture. For more information on the Queen Charlotte Islands click here

Take the PLUNGE! Book Alaska 2010

Come experience Alaska like you never thought possible. This trip will exceed all expectations! The list of wildlife is too long to list... so come list it yourself. 2010 Adventures now available. Check out our schedule for more details

Humpback Whales Playing in Frederick Sound

Check out these active whales from Frederick Sound. Island Odyssey guests watched in awe this past July as the Humpback whales were so active in the waters. Everyday they saw large numbers of Humpback whales and even transient Orcas.

Spend a Moment with a Bear

At the Anan Wildlife Observatory in the Tongass National Forest, you can view bears in their environment - feeding on wild salmon, walking in the water, laying down on the grass.... It is a great chance to see bears interact with as black bears and brown bears confront eachother, see eagles soaring through the trees, witness a healthy salmon run and enjoy nature. To visit Anan Creek, you have to apply for permits. Bluewater takes care of this for you so you can enjoy this spectacular place.

Click here to see what is available for 2010!

Go Coastal in 2010!

Take advantage of Early Booking Discounts and book your 2010 adventure now! Contact our office for more details. 1.888.877.1770

Gourmet Food On the Island Odyssey

Gourmet Chef Annie Strucel Serves up amazing meals like this in the Galley everyday!