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Alexandra Morton's Salmon Fight Makes the New York Times

Alexandra Morton, a self-trained biologist, has been battling fish farms in British Columbia that she says are endangering wild salmon runs. Her story was recently posted in the New York Times. Click here to watch the video.

Photograph the Adventure

Is photography one of your hobbies? The Bluewater experience is full of surprises around every corner, and great photography opportunities! You never know when you are going to capture a great moment...Organize a photography trip or simply join one of our open booking departures. We always look forward to seeing the unique photos you take. If you want to see some of your photos on our website or this blog contact the office for details. We always give credit to our great photographers!

Coastal Weather

The weather this year was great, but the months that stand out for having exceptional weather were May, September and October. These are also probably some of the best times to be along the coast witness the diversity of wildlife. Early May in the Charlottes is spectacular, as the Humpbacks have just come over from Hawaii in large numbers and are feeding in the rich waters. Bird migrations are taking place in May and the sun seems to shine more consistently. Book before December 31st on your 2009 departure and take advantage of our 2008 prices!

Share the Magic...with family

Think a family vacation is in order? Bluewater journeys are an excellent trip for families. We host several charters each year where groups get together and share the magic of this great coast. Spend 7-10 days in remote wilderness surrounded by diverse wildlife and spectacular culture. A true adventure for the whole family! You have the ability to customize your itinerary and see some great coastal secrets. Contact the office to talk about availability for your charter. 1.888.877.1770 or check out our schedule - we look forward to hosting all of our groups in 2009 and creating your trip of a lifetime!

The True Southeast Alaska Experience

Come onboard the Island Odyssey or Snow Goose and experience the true Southeast Alaska adventure. You will not find this type of getaway when traveling onboard a cruise ship. The small ship adventure takes you into remote coastal wilderness - places few get to ever see. Whales, bears and glaciers await you... spectacular scenery, incredible wildlife and ancient coastal cultures. Expect the unexpected and prepare for the Bluewater journey. Picture: Bluewater chef Debra Fontaine and partner Adrienne enjoy an afternoon floating among icebergs and checking out a glacier.

Providing First Class Educators

Naturalists provide unique insight into the Bluewater experience. With extensive knowledge in plants, marine life, history, wildlife, and the destination - These educators will keep you well informed about the areas you are traveling through. Check out our 2009 Learning Series for more information about upcoming trips. Photo by Naturalist Kitty Lloyd.

Endless Waterfalls in the Great Bear....

Come absorb yourself in the Great Bear Rainforest... and see all the endless waterfalls in the lush green forests. Here is crew member Tom McPherson standing in front of McPherson Falls. Photo by Sherry Kirkvold. For more info on our Great Bear Rainforest tours, check this out!

Interested in Sailing?

Come onboard the Island Roamer and Island Odyssey for wilderness, wildlife, culture and a chance to set the sails! Check out our annual Fall newsletter and read about the joys of sailing the West Coast!

2009 Special Trip Announcements

Bluewater has released some more unique trips for next season! The Bluewater 'Learning Series' will explore some interesting things along the coast and are led by some experienced and well known resource guides. Check out our 'Special Trips' Page on our website for all the details.

To make these special trips even more special, enjoy some great surprises from the galley as gourmet chefs like Kate Riddell are preparing some fantastic meals for you!

Bluewater wins Northern Advancement Award!

On behalf of Northern BC Tourism, Bluewater Adventures has been honored with the 'Northern Advancement Award.' This award was for our recent media contributions to Tourism, specifically in Northern BC and our Queen Charlotte Islands Adventure.

First Nations Culture in the Great Bear Rainforest

Our 8 and 9 day tours of the Great Bear Rainforest have many stops along the way. Not only do you get to see Grizzlies, black bears and hopefully the all-white 'Spirit' Bear, but Bluewater guests get to experience the rich First Nations Culture. With many communities along the coast, we will stop at a couple and talk to Elders and learn more about their past, present and future on the BC coast.

Check out the video below and see how some Bluewater guests had the rare opportunity to play the drums in the 'Big House' in the community of Klemtu. for more information about our Great Bear Rainforest tours click here

Bluewater Goes Carbon Neutral!

Bluewater Adventures is now officially -------------- CARBON NEUTRAL!
After calculating our carbon footprint this spring as part of EcoTrust and the Pembina Institutes Canada's Carbon Smart process, Bluewater Adventures has now become Carbon Neutral! In September, We purchased carbon off-sets for a year of operations from 'Offsetters'. Offsetters are a local, Canadian company chosen by the 2008 Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference as their top choice for the purchase of offsets. They invest their funds in local renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. As Bluewater specializes in nature tours in the Pacific Northwest we wanted to invest in local projects making a difference here. See:

We are the first small-ship operator along the BC Coast who is Carbon Neutral. Bluewater will continue to be a pioneer in sustainable tourism practices and encourages other ecotour operators to do the same. See our Eco-Actions for more details.

Low salmon returns hurting BC’s nature based tourism!

A Recent Press Release from the BC Wilderness Tourism Association

The Dept of Fisheries & Oceans numbers are in: Pink salmon returns to the Broughton Archipelago and Knight Inlet (east of Port Hardy and Port McNeill) are at record lows - worse than the collapse of pink stocks in 2002, when the fish farms were forced to fallow (temporarily close).

The salmon situation is starting to wreak havoc on nature based tourism located in the area. The decrease in pink salmon will have repercussions up and down the food chain whether on land or at sea.

Howard Pattinson, owner of Tide Rip Tours, a grizzly bear viewing business based out of Telegraph Cove, has observed grizzly bears unable to find salmon an important source of protein and trying to prepare for hibernation feeding only on berries and grass. “Many females will not find enough to eat and will abort their fertilized embryos. Adult males have also been known to eat young cubs when starving; and cubs that can’t find food this fall wo…

Tour Ninstints...

Watch our 360 panorma view of Ninstints - UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On a quiet May morning, some Bluewater guests enjoyed learning about the history of the site from Jordan, the Haida Watchmen. A highlight of this adventure - see old totems that still remain here on Anthony Island, but for how long we don't know... Click here for more info on our Queen Charlotte Islands Adventure.

Kermode Sightings in the Great Bear Rainforest!

September is a great time to be in the Great Bear Rainforest, not only for the usually co-operative weather, but the wildlife is plentiful! Grizzly and black bears are frequently seen feeding on the salmon in the rivers and estuaries, so there is great bear viewing. Orcas and Humpback whales are usually spotted at this time of year as well.

It is a wonderful time to spot the all-white Kermode bear, which a couple of our trips have already done this September. With the help of local guides our guests are having fantastic opportunities to see the Spirit Bear! This is definitely a rare experience on the British Columbia coastline. Book now for 2009 and take advantage of early booking discounts!

Bluewater Launches New Website

Bluewater is happy to announce that we have officially launched our brand new website! has a fresh new look. With updated pictures, content and more downloadable information we hope you find this a useful tool when booking your trip - Which... you can now do online.

Check out our 2009 schedule to see where we have availability. Book on an open booking trip before December 31st, 2008 and take advantage of early booking discounts.

To post your adventures, trip highlights and much more on our blog, simply email and we will post your stories, adventures and comments.
Thanks for your continued support - We look forward to hosting you in 2009 on another special adventure.

Bluewater Eco-Friendly Initiatives

In the spring 2008, Bluewater Adventures Logistic Coordinator, Charlene Barringham attended an intensive 3-day Carbon Smart Workshop, put on by the Pembina Institute – In Partnership with EcoTrust. Measuring Bluewater’s eco-footprint was a step we needed to take in order to establish measurable objectives for the future. We are happy to report that Bluewater already takes a lot of positive steps in order reduces our emissions and waste. Bluewater wants to continue to improve and pioneer new ways to reduce the impact of our beautiful environments. On the new Bluewater website, set to launch late summer – We will discuss additional ways we are going to reduce our impact, and ways the Bluewater Traveler can as well. Stay tuned...

Gulf Islands May 2-6, 2009 Yoga & Wellness Retreat

For all of you interested in a short 5 day getaway – Come aboard in the beautiful Gulf Islands with Yoga Instructor and Gourmet Health Chef Annie Strucel. With healthy foods, beach yoga and a possible massage therapist onboard – This trip is sure to rejuvenate Mind, Body and Soul. Great Sailing, intertidal explorations and great marine life. Book now to reserve your space onboard!

$ 1,675 Cdn + 5% GST

For more information contact our office