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Oil and water still don't mix

Since the recent oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, off shore drilling and oil tanker traffic have been hot topics for environmental conversations -- and with good reason. Several Florida counties have declared a state of emergency and marine wildlife are starting to feel the effect of this devasting spill, a spill which continues to flow out into the Gulf.

Oil drilling, oil tankers, and their possible effects on local communities, flora and fauna have also been a concern for the coast of Northern BC, especially as oil company Enbridge continues to try and open an oil tanker route through the Great Bear Rainforest.

Some locals are starting take action. For example, in order to raise awareness of the potential impacts of oil tanker traffic in this incredible lush area of our coast, Norm Haan has set out to paddleboard the prospective tanker route from Kitamaat to Bella Bella -- 385 km.
Read more about his journey here.

To see the possible effect of an oil spill off BC's coast, check out …