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Southeast Alaska...Beyond your Wildest Dreams!

I just returned from 10 days in Southeast Alaska aboard the Island Odyssey. I could not have even imagined how great this trip would have been. Endless whales, sooo many bears, an amazing glacier... There were 11 passengers onboard for a journey from Petersburg to Prince Rupert. Neil, Annie, Steve, Danny and Brian were our fabulous crew who showed us so many spectacular places along the coast. Some of the highlights for me were visiting Anan Creek with all the Grizzlies and Black Bears in the river feeding on the salmon, taking a jet boat into the LeConte Glacier and watching all the ice calve into the water, a rare encounter with a large group of sea otters while we were kayaking near Security Cove, seeing all the unique birds of the region, floating past ice bergs in the waters, seeing Orcas and humpbacks in Frederick Sound, and of course the wonderful food from Annie : ) This trip was wild, and I highly recommend the Southeast Alaska Adventure to all of our clients! I will be posti…

Northern Vancouver Island Adventure

Come join the Island Odyssey as we explore the Northern waters of Vancouver Island. A great family adventure for all ages! Bring the kids - bring the grandparents. This trip is an excellent way to see Orca whales in the rich waters of Johnstone Strait. See ancient totem poles and visit historical sites like Village Island. Gourmet food, knowledgeable crew, lots of wildlife, and much more. Contact our office for more details on this fantastic summer adventure! 1.888.877.1770 $ 2,470 CDN + 5% gst

Hunting Skills of the Orcas

Each year, Bluewater partners with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society from the UK for some amazing adventures on the BC Coast. Their guide who joins us each year, Rob Lott - has a great article in the online World News today! Check out his great photography here

Photo by Rob Lott, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
We are looking forward to getting Rob back on the Pacific Coast to see our BC Orcas and share his wealth of knowledge with our guests.