Journey of Moments

Each season, our guestbooks on board the boats fill with accounts guests have left behind of beautiful words conjured by wild places. This is one of them.  'Journey of Moments'
A"trip" is not just something you "take"
It gives you something in return.
It is a journey of moments.
Those moments:
Create memories
Create awareness
Create understanding and learning of the world we live in.

That in turn can change your perception:
Of learning who you are,
And who you are not.
It pushes you to new limits of what you believe you are capable of.
Of how you perceive the world.
Of seeing things or people you encounter in a new way.

It makes you aware of what is important.
What is REALLY important.
How do you live it?
What do you see in your future? And the future of the environment around you?
What can you do to change the world to make a positive impact with the time 
That is given to you.

So travel.
Open your eyes,
Open your mind,
Open your heart,
Open your soul,
And make your journe…

An Expedition: Conservation of BC's Salish Sea

An Expedition: Conservation of BC's Salish SeaRoss Dixon Nov 13, 2018

The Gulf Islands are located in the Salish Sea, a labyrinth of remarkable coastal waterways. From shallow embayments to deep fjords, rocky reefs and soft river deltas, these waters provide countless places for marine plants and animals to live. When these geographic features are combined with varying amounts of sunlight, salt and oxygen, have created a food web so rich that it supported the world’s smallest and largest creatures for millennia. Even more compelling is the extent to which endemic (locally unique and native) species occur on the coast: Two-thirds of the mammal species and subspecies that are found only in BC occur nowhere else in the province but the coast.
Marine MammalsTwenty-seven species of marine mammals have been observed in the Salish Sea. Thirteen of them can be found regularly. For these animals, the Salish Sea serves a multitude of purposes—feeding, breeding, resting, overwintering, or simp…

“Walk softly, Tread carefully, and listen”…

“Walk softly, Tread carefully, and listen”…SGang Gwaay – previously named Ninstints (after one of the village chiefs) is an ancient Haida village, located on AnthonyIsland, at the southern end of Haida Gwaii. Accessible only by boat or plane, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and contained within the National Park Reserve and Heritage Site, Gwaii Haanas. But even if it didn’t boast all the formerly mentioned credentials, it would still remain one of the most magical places on our coast.

One aspect of SGang Gwaay’s magic is the stories that contribute to the village’s history. For several thousand years it was the home of the Kunghit Haida, historically some of the most feared warriors on the west coast. When the small pox epidemic hit in the late 1800’s, SGang Gwaay’s population was decimated from around 300 to 30 and those who survived moved north to Skidegate. The village was abandoned in 1884.
In 1959 a CBC, a crew from the B.C.ProvincialMuseum and University of British Columbi…

Khutzeymateen, "A Magical Place"

Khutzeymateen, a place I had never heard of, became my first foray into the wilderness.  My apprehension over the word ‘bear’ was soon dispelled as we entered the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Conservatory under the learned ‘Bear Whisperer’ Barrie Gilbert’s tutelage and guidance. We walked their paths, following footprints embedded in the earth, finding their resting places, their rub trees and learned of the biology of these great carnivores.

We soon learned that the this place is not just about bears, and that other animals benefitted from this sanctuary as well.  Animals like wolves, wolverines, deer, and others live as they should in surroundings natural to them. Because visits to the Khutzeymateen is limited to few tourists every year, it remains pristine and we soon appreciated that our presence was a privilege.

We sailed past the outer islands shared by numerous species of birds and bellowing sea lion bulls that were surrounded by their harems. Dall's …

Meaningful Memories by Mat Janeway ~ Bluewater Mate

The cloudless blue sky reflected off the calm pacific around us, and the gentle breeze was matched by an easy, almost lazy swell.The Island Roamer was steaming west, out to the continental shelf, and we couldn’t have asked for fairer weather. Suddenly, a yell from the wheelhouse: "Albatross!"

And there it was, a Black Footed Albatross, Phoebastria nigripes, sedately bobbing on the surface of the water. With a spread of its wings, and three long beats, it was airborne.The jaw dropping, 6 foot wingspan carried it just above the surface, gliding easily over the waves. The massive bird gently turned to cross our bow, and presented us a view of its entire body; the perfect photo opportunity.

Hardly 5 minutes had passed, when a second yell from the wheel house was heard, louder this time. "Sperm whale!"

The Long black body, hanging almost motionless in the water, had just surfaced 200 yards from us and was drifting slowly forward, across our path. The blow hole, the dorsal…

Bluewater Adventures is Excited to Announce a Unique Travel Opportunity in the Great Bear Rainforest!

“The Great Bear Rainforest Allies Expedition”
– Bluewater Adventures Partners with Raincoast Conservation Foundation Bluewater Adventures is excited to announce a unique opportunity to explore the Great Bear Rainforest like never before. Along with one of nature’s greatest allies, the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Bluewater presents an expedition focusing on the work that goes into understanding and conserving this very special area and why its preservation is of the utmost importance. 

Led by Raincoast’s Captain Brian Falconer and Dr. Caroline Fox, this voyage will introduce guests to the Great Bear Rainforest and Sea on a very intimate level. We will observe research techniques and learn about the biology behind a thriving ecosystem. We will learn how scientific practices are enriched by First Nations’ traditional ecological knowledge and discover the importance of current conservation campaigns on the British Columbia coast...All while being immersed in one of the largest unspo…

Bluewater Adventures wins Sustainable Tourism Award

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Erin Boyle
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Bluewater Adventures wins Sustainable Tourism AwardA CANADIAN COMPANY THAT CARESIntroducing the World to Some of the Last Truly Wild Places on the Planet

North Vancouver, BC, Canada. December 3, 2013 – Bluewater Adventures made a commitment from the beginning to adhere to the principals of ecotourism by supporting local communities, promoting conservation, ensuring their practices are low impact, and by providing their guests with world-class knowledge about the BC coast, the wildlife and First Nations culture. When Bluewater Adventures’ Managing Director and Owner, Randy Burke, purchased the company almost 28 years ago he knew that he wanted to introduce people from all over the world to the remote and wild corners of the BC coast; he believed that by sharing his knowledge and passion for this part of the world with his guests he could foster deep and lasting connections that would inspire o…