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Source: Alexandra Morton
March 2009


When I won in BC Supreme Court last month the fish farms in Canada were designated as a “fishery.” While the federal government has always had the ability to apply the Fisheries Act to these operations to protect wild fish, they largely have not.

Now that the fish feedlots are legally a fishery, there would seem no reason to avoid regulating them like all other marine users. I am told there is an effort afoot to place these corporate operations back under Provincial jurisdiction, as “farms” where no one is responsible for the affect they have on wild fish.
If enough people ask/demand that the Fisheries Act be applied to this industry as it is to all other marine users, we might stand a chance of bringing reason to this situation. To sign the petition to apply the Fisheries Act to fish farms the way it is applied to fishermen please click on this link

Alexandra Morton


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